Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story
All is not well in the world, so this week instead of our usual episode, we encourage you to go and make your voice heard. Our communities need support and as storytellers, we have the ability to educate, empathize and inspire better approaches.

We're using this episode to raise awareness for more important voices than ours. The show stands in solidarity with Black communities in the US, UK and around the world in the fight against systemic racism, police brutality and oppression. Black Lives Matter.

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In moments of uncertainty, sometimes it's helpful to have someone to talk to. Please reach out to the following organisations if you are feeling overwhelmed.

United States

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Phone: 1 800 273 TALK (8255)

Lifeline Crisis Chat
The Trevor Project (for LGBT youth, friends and family members)
Phone: 1 866 488 73865

United Kingdom

Phone: 116 123




Ollie: [00:00:00] Hi, I'm Ollie Judge. And this is Pathfinder. Normally this is where I dive into a story about how stories are made or how someone is changing a medium, but this week all is not well in the world. So Roger and I wanted to do what little we could to send a message to our listeners. Now more than ever. We need you to tell stories

[00:00:23] on this show. We talk about how stories can create escape from the real world. We try to dig into how stories can move people to get lost for a second in what they're doing and consider something else. Whether that be rooted in fantasy or reality. Today, those storytelling has a greater role than building SIFO cities or fairytale castles storytelling at its core is communication.

[00:00:43] It's how we as humans convey ideas and make sense of the world. This trade of thoughts can be powerful where things like negotiation and argument don't hold any fitting. A story can tap into different approaches to connect with someone through characters. You can help people empathize through plot. You can educate in moments like this.

[00:01:02] Finding opportunities to connect in a better way. Doesn't just help the people around you make sense of the world. It's also creates a marker of the present to live on that. As time goes on, history books, often illustrate facts or in many cases, inaccurate trails are the facts. As we're told throughout life history is written by those who are in power at the time.

[00:01:21] The books only often provide a prescriptive list of events and account from a very narrow slither of humanity. They often miss true portrayals of both sides of the narrative. And more importantly, they miss the emotions that were running through the people at the time. Historical events don't exist without the people behind them.

[00:01:37] They aren't living beings themselves. So when they are reported in such a narrow fashion, it's hard to comprehend just what was going on at the time. That's when we have to tend to art, to stories, written paintings, poems, and music, to understand how things transpired. One of the greatest forms of self-expression through recent history is jazz.

[00:01:57] The origins of jazz through blues duct deepens the emotions of recognizing pain, overcoming adversity and injustice while not taught in history classes just provides a clear mirror to the events that exists alongside the sound signature immediately creates an atmosphere around you. It can help you connect directly with the musicians, emotions more than any other storytelling, medium, the blues and by extension jazz, isn't just tied to the darkness.

[00:02:20] It's creators. Experience, but it also celebrates the little moment in our lives that transpire of love and happiness. You've heard us in the music of Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and miles Davis. I can bet that there's a few tracks that when you hear them stir something inside of you, because you've connected the moment in time from your life with one of theirs, jazz knits form of expressionism helped unify people in times of war, economic, depression, and depression.

[00:02:46] But it's the stories that it's told through these moments of history that have helped us enjoy and be with its listeners, even in their quietest and brightest moments. Jazz has created a hidden history book, but that history book wasn't made up of dates and facts, it was made up of feelings and atmosphere.

[00:03:02] It's those emotions that can drive a better understanding of a moment in time. Jazz is stories. It's emotion and history. Sometimes it's hard to put the right words together to talk about an event I'm finding, recording this. Now, a very hard thing to do. Sometimes in times like this, you might find yourself feeling a little bit helpless in the way that you can help.

[00:03:21] It might seem that politically or economically you don't have much power. There is one thing that we have control over. Narrative at this point in time, we have so many tools to create a wide array of stories in all shapes and sizes. It's the stories that we tell now that light jazz will make up the understanding of the events that are shaping our world right now for future generations.

[00:03:41] It's easy to stay glued to the screen and just watch things play out. But those things that you're experiencing, the building blocks for you to create your own stories. Well, the news right now might be filled with doom and gloom. You can create your own moment in time, too, with our brushes pens, microphones, cameras, and keyboards.

[00:03:58] We have the power to change minds, explain, and most of all inspire using these tools. We can create our own history that goes beyond the anything that might end up in a textbook. This is your chance to tell things how they were to you and the people around you. So while we don't have a story for you this week, we hope that you go out there and tell one of your own.

[00:04:16] It doesn't have to be with words, stories that aren't just limited to a beginning, middle, and end. You don't just have to wait and hope anymore. This can be the start of your own movement. You never know who it might reach, persuade or convince. We'll be back next week with our regular show, but until then stay safe and tell good stories.