About The Show

About The Show

Chapterist is a show about storytelling. Each week we explore what makes stories work, uncover the lessons of the past and learn from people who are building worlds with the tools of the future.

What do I need to know about the show?

The show is released every Sunday as both video and audio. You can find us on Youtube or wherever you find your podcasts.

Is there a difference between the audio and video version?

Each week we release both audio and video versions of the show. Chapterist started as a podcast and always will be one. There may be minor differences between the audio and video versions. For example the audio podcast may have extended interviews, while the video version may do more visual stories justice.

What happened to Pathfinder?/What is Pathfinder?

Chapterist began it's life as a show called Pathfinder (you can still hear it mentioned in some of our older episodes). Ollie and Rodger started Pathfinder during 2020, to find a way of telling stories during the pandemic.

We changed the name for two reasons. The first being that Pathfinder was a rather popular name in other regards from Dungeons and Dragons, to video game characters. The second is that Chapterist reflects where we're going with the show into the future.